Vision of Economics club

1. Promoting knowledge on economics, and financial education:

The primary challenge faced by a technical institute, at a time when there is an increased inclination for people to move towards entrepreneurship, is the lack of access to financial knowledge, which is a prerequisite to implement ideas. Economics club, by the virtue of dealing with subjects like economics and finance, is in the best position to address this issue. Creation of resources, organization of guest sessions and organization of competitions can help address the same.Similarly, introducing people to economics, in a way that gets them interested to pursue the area further, through Tuesday night discussions and faculty sessions is essential to promote knowledge on economics, and its significance in assessing government policy and businesses.

2. Providing exposure to opportunities in economics:

Avenue to provide an insight into the worldviews of accomplished personalities, to generate awareness about current affairs though guest sessions, as well as events such a governance café. These are values, which the Economics Club can uniquely add.

3. Training and imparting practical skills:

Provide hands-on experience and knowledge on special topics to people, such as algorithmic trading and investment strategies. This happens through workshops organised by skilled professionals.


Dipanshu Sharma
Priyam Sodhiya
Overall Co-ordinator
Adhish Majumdar
Overall Co-ordinator
Amartya Bhargava
Kshitij Gupta
Events Co-ordinator