About Electrical engineering society

Vision & Mission

Electronics is no more just a component in modern technology; it is the basis of assessment of a country’s progress. It is one of the most knowledge-intensive and dynamic fields of study. It is the field that is most crucial to tackling national problems of illiteracy, healthcare and safety which imparts it with tremendous potential in India. With the knowledge of this fact, Electrical Engineering Society, IIT Delhi, endeavors to create a community of students driven by a passion for electronics and innovation by acting as a means for them to learn and challenge what they have learnt. We aim to turn students into visionaries who can create a better society with their love for technology.


Interested in Electrical Engineering but still a newbie? Or an experienced hand who wants to compete? With lectures and hugely popular workshops on a myriad of topics such as Machine Learning, Digital Electronics, Microcontrollers, Image Processing and even Ethical Hacking, the EES has something for everyone. Technical competitions spice up learning by providing students an opportunity to apply their knowledge towards winning prizes. We also provide students the opportunity to work with our club through various projects and also participate in many technical fests held throughout the country.


We’re not just drab and boring geeks, because this lot of engineers sure knows how to have fun! We start the academic year with the hugely popular EE Freshers Party, which provides the incoming batch of our department an opportunity to have fun while getting to know their peers. Talented seniors engage with students, and pass on their pearls of wisdom through our regular interview series and interactive sessions. LAN Gaming and Inter Departmental Sporting Events are also a regular part of our event calendar, where we often pit ourselves against ACEM and see whether we can beat the compu janta.


Harshit Jain
General Secretary (Technical)
Gajera Dev
General Secretary

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