About iGem

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) aims to solve real-world challenges by building genetically engineered biological systems to advance research in synthetic biology. Who knew that the functioning of Proteins and DNAs in a cell could lead to some fantastic technical machines!

  • Skills you'll get to learn- Mathematical Modelling, Biology, Design and Thinking
  • Activities to be performed in recruitment process- You will be selected based on an interview for which study material will be provided to you earlier
  • When does Recruitment process begin- Towards the end of the first year, mid-April.
  • Times when club is active - Mainly during the summers
  • Competitions participated in- iGEM competition (MIT), National level competitions
  • General Location of club activities- Modelling can be done anywhere with a laptop and labs are in Block-1

Peak workload (hours required per week) - 25-30 hours during summers, depends otherwise

Size of team - 25

Number of fresh recruitments taken per year - 10-12


Abhilash Patel
Senior Member