About Mathematics Society

The Mathematics Society is a non-registered, non-profit organisation within the Department of Mathematics. It facilitates the overall development of students by providing them a platform to showcase their talent and sharpen their skills through a variety of planned events and activities throughout the year. The members of the society include undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars and faculty of the Department of Mathematics.

Targeted at motivating and encouraging student participation, the quickly growing popularity of the society is not only a success for the association but for Mathematics.The society also tries to foster the development of mathematics and its inquisitiveness among students in and around Delhi through various events and workshops.

 The society is led by a 3-member council, which is responsible for approving the administrative and financial tasks undertaken by the society. Its current members include Prof. Sivananthan Sampath, Prof. Kamana Porwal and Prof. Vikas Vikram Singh. Every March, the council also appoints the General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary, who lead the general duties of the society.

Various events throughout the year are organised by the coordinators and the executives of the society. These executives are chosen from first year undergraduates who volunteer or participate in the events organised by the society. They are then promoted as the executives of the society. Their performance is a key factor in determining their promotion throughout the society’s ranks from executives to coordinators to overall coordinators. 



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