About Mechanical engineering society

The purpose of the IIT Delhi Mechanical Engineering Society is to promote and enhance mechanical engineering knowledge among students at IIT and also reconnect alumni in the field to the institution. We plan to accomplish this mission through the following pursuits:


  • Sponsor seminars with outside speakers of interest on topics in Mechanical Engineering
  • Organize industrial Trips for students in the institution
  • Hold workshops by collaborating with people from the industry to help students in the Mechanical Engineering Department get a first hand experience in various new technologies
  • Facilitate sessions to connect current students to notable Alumni in the field.


  • Enlist liaisons to connect existing student groups and academic departments related to Mechanical Engineering
  • Publicize events of interest around campus


  • The society will be the first point of contact if people in the industry related to Mechanical Engineering wish to hold any workshops/ sessions for the students at IIT
  • Help students in the department who wish to seek out for information about any aspect of their education or mechanical engineering


Shashwat Maiti
General Secretary
Shubham Rustagi
Public Relations Secertary
Aman Kumar
Events Secretary
Kshitij Gupta
Finance Secretary
Aryan Gupta
Public Relations Execuitve
Ankita Mandal
Public Relations Execuitve
Aastha Jain
Public Relations Execuitve
Saloni Mangal
Events Executive
Sadanand Modak
Events Executive
Shivansh Garg
Events Executive


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