Welcome to Co-curricular and Academic Interaction Council, IIT Delhi.

The Co-curricular and Academic Interaction Council (CAIC) and its constituent bodies aim at maximal interaction between students and faculty, a good academic atmosphere and an efficient decision making process based on consultation; and through these it aims to promote an overall development of students for the maximum realization of their potential.


Past experiences

i-Center: Interactive Session of Industry & IITD Alumni Experts with the students of IITD

Innovation Center of IIT Delhi, which was established at IIT Delhi in February 2012 with the initial funding from 1986 batch, is pleased to
announce an interactive session with the industry and IIT Delhi alumni experts. The event is mainly targeted to our students, specifically, for the 1st and 2nd year students who can really convert their innovative ideas to demonstrative products during their stay at IIT Delhi. All others interested in innovation are also welcome. The program of the event is given below:

Constitution of CAIC

The Constitution of CAIC is attached on this page.


The softcopies of the Prospectus for all years from 2009-12 can be found on this page : 


Courses of Study

The softcopies of the Courses of Study for all years from 2009-12 can be found on this page: 

CAIC and SAC survey on JEE

UPDATE: The results of the survey responded to by 921 students was sent to the Senate, IIT Delhi as the official views of the students. A copy of the survey results is attached on this page. The Senate, IIT Delhi has ruled out support to the new pattern of the JEE and has decided to conduct the original JEE, much echoing the students' views. This is regarding the ongoing debate in all the IITs regarding the proposed changes to the format of the exam. We the students, must make our voices heard on this critical issue facing the nation.


The Constitution of CAIC makes it necessary for the Council to meet at least twice in a semester. The meetings are convened by the General Secretary in consultation with the Chairman of the Council. The General Body Meetings are held with agenda notified prior to the meeting. Items not circulated in advance can also be raised with the permission of the Chairman cialisviagras.com. Class committee meetings are also necessarily to be held at least twice a semester.

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